Handmade Luxury

At Les & Co, we give our products the meticulous care that comes with making each one by hand, while maintaining the quality materials and fragrances expected from a luxe brand.

The Winter Nude Collection

Amber Noir

Infused with sandalwood, amber, musk and mandarins, this fragrance will definitely create a sensual yet intriguing experience.


Cashmere Cedar

A woody fragrance with hints of vanilla sugar and smooth musk that wraps around you like a cozy sweater.


Creme Brulee & Coffee

Imagine creamy, buttery, milk-based custard, flavored with vanilla beans and topped hard scorched layer of caramel.


What our customers are saying:

It's the presentation for me! And the candle smells amazing!

Its everything I look for in a candle, and even my husband approves! You won't be disappointed.

The unboxing itself was an experience. I couldn't decide which one to burn first, and couldn't stop smelling them while unpacking!

The packaging is outstanding! the quality of the candle is amazing, the smell is to die for, and it even came with a sample of another candle I can't wait to buy 10/10!

Giving very rich auntie vibes!

Les & Co making me feel like generational wealth! I can't even begin to describe how bougie it smells in my house right now!"

I'm not a candle person... but I'm a candle person now!

Can I just tell you we blew it out hours ago and the scent is still lingering?